School Uniform

Lanesboro Community College has a strict uniform policy. Our uniform design has taken into consideration practicality, comfort, affordability and presentation. It has the added purpose of protecting from Covid. Crested sweaters are available for purchase from Durkins, Longford or Donnellan & Co, Roscommon. Grey trousers and shirts can be purchased in any store, but must not be denim fabric. All-black shoes or trainers should be worn.

In the interest of the health of the whole school community we require the following items of PPE:

1) Masks (with at least two layers therefore items such as scarves or snoods are not acceptable).

2) Visors which cover from the forehead, wrapping around the face to the ears and extending below the chin to provide effective protection.

3) Disinfectant wipes for sanitising surfaces that you may come into contact with during the school day (anti-viral).

4) Hand Sanitiser, preferably pocket size (must contain minimum of 70% ethanol to be effective).

The purpose of these items are to ensure the health and wellness of our whole school community. By ensuring that your child has these items you are giving them the best possible chance of a sustained return to school life. Working together we can bring back some semblance of normality into the lives of our children.